Carlie joins Democratic Visions, sharing how she plans to unite our neighbors, fight for our shared values, and make real progress on the issues that matter most to our community.



Minnesota children deserve a world-class education. From head-start and early pre-K through an affordable college experience, quality education must be accessible and affordable. This includes technical and vocational training for young adults as well as expanding the four-year-old kindergarten program to Eden Prairie.


Small business, sound infrastructure, and a livable minimum wage will drive our economy forward. We must invest in these priorities together to ensure small business owners have the means to provide a livable wage to their valuable employees. Building better infrastructure around our transit system will create more jobs and provide workers and residents reliable transit options.


Minnesota is for everyone, equally. In our community, we look after one another. We should not deny our neighbors access to affordable healthcare, equal pay for equal work, and an environment free from discrimination. Together, we will champion policies that bring Minnesotans together.